Month: April 2021

Homeowner’s Insurance Risk Factors

Homeowner’s Insurance Risk Factors Homeowner's Insurance Risk Factors

Customers buy a homeowner’s insurance policy in order to minimize the risk to which they are exposed should an event occur to their homes that causes damage, destruction, or other financial loss such as theft or liability suits. By underwriting the policy, your company is assuming most of the risk (minus the deductible amount) in exchange for […]

The ABCs of Home Insurance Inspections

The ABCs of Home Insurance Inspections The ABCs of Home Insurance Inspections

As a property and casualty insurance company underwriter working on issuing new homeowner’s insurance policies, your decisions include property inspection choices. You decide whether a property inspection should be undertaken for a particular proposed policy and, if so, what type of inspection is best suited to your needs. Several types of home insurance inspections exist, […]

We’re delighted to announce that Insurance Risk Services will rebrand to Davies in the near future.

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