How Insurance Risk Services Makes Inspections Easy with Technology and Customization Options

How Insurance Risk Services Makes Inspections Easy with Technology and Customization Options

With more than 35 years of experience in the property and casualty insurance industry, we’ve seen many things change over time. But the one thing you’d expect to change the most – the technology, especially inspection technology – has sadly lagged behind.

No matter whether you deal principally with residential or commercial properties, inspection makes up one of the most important elements of underwriting support. Without the right inspection technology and know-how, your best risk estimates will be tragically incomplete.

As weather patterns have shifted, “once in a generation” natural disasters are becoming commonplace. Insurers can’t afford for their risk projections to rely on old-fashioned technology. Our team saw there was a significant unmet need in the market, and we’ve stepped in to fill it.

Why Insurance Risk Services’ Inspection Technology Stands Out from the Crowd

Insurance Risk Services performs both residential inspections and commercial inspections.

All of our inspections combine high-value interior and exterior photography with expert observation from experienced personnel. Our thorough quality assurance program is built on two elements: Our highly trained experts and a customized selection of the best inspection technology in America.

The cornerstone of our approach is our inspection management system.

The inspection management system provides a fast, secure, and convenient interface between our team and yours throughout the inspection process. It streamlines value delivery throughout the lifecycle and lifts the curtain on exactly what’s happening, when, and how.

Our inspection management platform ensures you’ll receive timely, event-driven notifications at every step. This also enables you to make contact, ask questions, request clarification, and review documents or images as they become available. Everything is centralized for your convenience.

That includes all the major milestones as the inspection unfolds:

  • Your initial inspection order
  • Assignment of the order to an inspector
  • Completion of the inspection
  • Internal review of the inspection
  • Delivery for your input and review

Insurance Risk Services developed this software to be completely “hardware agnostic.” It doesn’t matter if you use a Mac, PC, or alternative – the system is 100% web-based and works on any modern browser.

We know that insurance professionals are often outside the office, especially when their duties include high-touch involvement in property inspections. As a result, our platform is also designed to be friendly for use on a smartphone, tablet, or any other mobile device. The interface and visuals adjust on the fly so you can navigate the suite easily on any device of your choosing.

Our platform is the end result of years of input from thousands of inspectors, quality assurance agents, field managers, and insurance carriers. Our high caliber of insurance inspection IT expertise means you know all of your inspections are in good hands, wherever and whenever they happen.

Our fluid and flexible inspection IT also extends to custom survey reports.

With custom survey reports, you can be certain your reports include all the information that affects your decisions. Our robust and stable IT back-end allows us to capture all the data you require, even if that data is not usually part of a standard inspection report.

Let us know what you need and our team members will put together a custom report with full visibility into all the data you specify. It’s ideal when a property has unusual needs or your firm is undertaking targeted underwriting initiatives with new requirements.

And you’ll never need to wait weeks or months for your custom inspection report. Most of the time, a custom report adds only a few hours to the inspection lifecycle. Once the custom report is set up the first time, it becomes much faster to produce it in the future.

Our Web-based technology infrastructure means your data security is protected when you work with us, even if your staff roams far afield. We keep all our software secure with regular updates that get applied instantly. You never need to worry about patching your software or having your work disrupted.

Time Marches On – Make Sure Your Underwriting Support Vendor Is Moving With It

Technology exists to save you time and money. It shouldn’t be a source of headaches.

At Insurance Risk Services, we’ve seen time and time again how the right technology can help insurance firms of all sizes elevate their productivity and performance to the next level. We strive to ensure that our technology touch points are of the highest quality, so you and your team can do your best work.

No matter what your latest underwriting initiative entails, we are here to help.

Contact us to find out more or get started. We look forward to discussing your needs.