3 Features To Look For When Choosing An Insurance Inspector

3 Features To Look For When Choosing An Insurance Inspector
For an insurer, a thorough property insurance inspection is your frontline defense against excess risk and increased loss exposure. Cursory inspections or those performed by an inexperienced property inspector are a direct threat to your bottom line. A lot can happen between the initial inspection and a follow-up inspection, including filed claims; thus the expectation that any original deficiencies would eventually be detected before a negative result occurs isn’t an option worth banking on.
Your business depends on accurate reports and anything less is detrimental to success. Accurately underwriting risk requires excellence and experience in every step of the process, particularly from field inspectors. See how to separate the wheat from the chaff in an industry seemingly brimming with reputable options.

Personalized Service Vs. Packaged Service
The most successful companies deliver on their promises to provide flexibility and personalized service to their clients, and the inspection industry is no different. Having a preset, inflexible package-style offering for inspection services brings with it limitations and risk. An experienced insurance inspection provider works with you to deliver the information you desire, so that you can make the decisions that matter with confidence. Insurers who have pinpointed a specific process that is integral to their risk mitigation strategy should have the option to align their inspection process to support it. Don’t settle for a la carte package offerings.

Verification And Quality Assurance
The quality assurance and verification process needs to consist of more than a simple double-check and proofreading. Experience is a fantastic indicator of ability, but time still passes whether people are learning and perfecting a skill or not. A rigorous and detailed verification and QA process nestled in the flow between the field inspection and your underwriting office is a must. It should be explainable beyond a simple affirmative confirmation of existence. Additionally, there should be an inspector oversight system in place, ensuring standards remain high and you are always getting the service you deserve.

Measured Inclusion Of Tech
A streamlined process from inspection to report delivery and beyond is valued now more than ever. Technology has made the insurance inspection process easier and more efficient, just as predicted. Despite this, tech usage still requires a measured approach to guarantee only high-quality results reach insurers. While it may be trendy to search for those who immediately implement every new technological advance for the field, the lack of experience and results history make this an unnecessary gamble that insurers ultimately pay the price for. Don’t stick with a company stuck in the dark ages of the inspection process and recognize that those who have traded seasoned professionals for fancy gadgets are just as damaging to your risk level. Finding the perfect balance between useful tech and experience is the ideal you should seek out.

If your end goal is to mitigate risk, you can’t afford to have a low-quality insurance inspection influencing your underwriting decisions. At Insurance Risk Services, we have 35 years of experience providing our clients with standards and service above and beyond the industry norm. From our dedication to personalized service, to an extensive verification and quality assurance process, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Please contact us at Insurance Risk Services to see how our insurance inspection services can help you accurately access property risks.