Risks To Watch Out For In A Tech-Crazed Inspection Industry

Risks To Watch Out For In A Tech-Crazed Inspection Industry
Inspection technology is continuously evolving, enabling faster and more efficient results for insurers nationwide. Property condition and inspection reports no longer have extensive turnaround time with many home inspection providers. The advances have proven to be a boom for both insurers and inspectors, but are not without cost. As the industry gradually embraces innovative inspection technology, how can you ensure you are receiving the high accuracy valuations you deserve?
An Evolving Skill Set
There is a multitude of well-trained, seasoned inspection professionals with years of experience in the field. On the same token, the number of those skilled enough to effectively handle and use tech correctly is just as large, if not more so. Unfortunately, high-tech does not always directly equate to high quality. As technology usage steadily grows into the standard for a home inspection, locating a home inspection provider with a balance of the two is imperative. With many aging inspectors, this can be harder than ever to find. Still, the fanciest high tech gadgets truly mean nothing after all if the resulting report is neither comprehensive nor detailed enough to help you make your business decision.

Asking The Right Questions
Inquiring about the skillset and experience of a particular inspector should never be an off-limits activity. The introduction of inspection technology means that these questions are now more important than ever. Drone users for commercial activities need to be registered, certified, and in some cases licensed and insured. One accident involving a homeowner would be all it takes to cause catastrophe, especially if the above conditions were not met. Asking questions in this case could prevent issues as inspection providers are, in the customer’s view, representing your company. The more advanced the technology, the more experience matters. So while state-of-the-art mobile technology programs that simply assist in the process aren’t particularly demanding of experience, thermal imaging and other advanced tech hinge on inspector know-how.

Worth The Risk
The risk of being lured in by false claims and unskilled professionals exists, but is thankfully small is a well-regulated industry. The benefits provided by tech advances more than outweigh their associated risks when it comes to providing unparalleled interior and exterior inspections with high accuracy and a quick turnaround time. Human expertise will remain a requirement for accurate home inspections for the foreseeable future with detection equipment merely providing a boost in overall capability. Maintaining awareness that every new technology will require time to be mastered and used to peak effectiveness can help your business avoid rushing toward substandard inspections.

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