Will Using Pictures and Data in the Inspection Process Lead to Less Risk?

Will Using Pictures and Data in the Inspection Process Lead to Less Risk?
We’ve talked about inspection trends for 2017, and certainly one of these trends that will continue into the future is the use of more data to mitigate risk for insurance carriers.

How are insurance carriers using data to mitigate risk?
Insurance carriers are using technology to gather data to help them to more accurately underwrite risk. While the use of drones is still being tested, other sources of data for insurance carriers include smart devices and telematics.

The more data that insurance carriers can incorporate into the underwriting process, the better they will be able to minimize risk. In addition, research shows that if insurance carriers use data early on in the claims process, they’ll be able to shorten cycle times, lower costs, and enhance the customer experience. Insurance carriers that invest in up-front claims data will see a return on investment.

Does data eliminate the need for and inspection altogether?
Some insurance carriers are choosing to eliminate the need for a property inspection in lieu of the data available to underwrite risk. Technology such as satellite and aerial data capture can provide insurers with images of lower risk properties without creating the need for a physical property inspection. The idea of eliminating in-person property inspections on lower risk properties is that it will offer insurance carriers benefits in up-front cost savings and efficiency.

While advancements in data will certainly help insurers to more accurately underwrite risk and provide a faster turn-around time for customers, it’s important to remember that an in-person inspection will add tremendous value. Even though some insurance carriers are quick to use data to replace the need for property inspections, the most prudent carriers will use a blend of the two to minimize the risk of loss.

At Insurance Risk Services, we’ve been providing accurate underwriting support to carriers in the property and casualty insurance industry for more than 35 years. While a carrier may engage us to complete an in-person inspection, we also rely on data to put together high-quality underwriting reports to allow our clients to make informed decisions.

Images of a property are certainly helpful; however, with the amount of data available today through the use of technology, it’s in the best interest of the insurance carrier to utilize a blend of data, photos, and human review to maximize the accuracy of the underwriting process.

Are you interested in learning more about how we use data and personal insight at Insurance Risk Services to provide insurance carriers with accurate underwriting support? Please contact us to learn more about why data needs to be a part of your underwriting process.