Using Insurtech’s Lagging Commercial Support To Your Advantage

Using Insurtech's Lagging Commercial Support To Your Advantage
As the Insurtech market popularity continues to grow among consumers, there is one group of insureds that are seemingly left behind. Business owners looking to insure their properties with the speed and ease of homeowners will be hard-pressed to find a source to do so. Providing commercial insurance on the standard digital Insurtech platforms is rarely seen, and far less popular than the flurry of options for homeowners. While Insurtech does have its downsides, it is becoming increasingly more attractive every year.
Even as Amazon and Google are flirting with the idea of entering the insurance market, home insurance remains the topic of the day while commercial insurance doesn’t even garner a mention. The reasons for the clear divide are simple; providing commercial insurance is a complex task where even the slightest discrepancy or underestimation can significantly increase risk. Commercial property insureds are therefore likely to welcome any coverage provider which delivers the benefits that most closely match Insurtech offerings. Capitalizing on these benefits now will give any insurer a competitive advantage in the industry.

The Allure Of Customization
Customized insurance policies are one of the many positive features that make Insurtech popular and customer-friendly. While a basic, inclusive coverage policy is certainly the norm across the insurance industry due to ease, offering a degree of customized protection is attractive to insureds. Rolling out new policy options that deliver the customized feel while utilizing a commercial inspection to mitigate risk, can be the option that keeps your business competitive. Even in the event of an ultimate rollout of Insurtech devoted to commercial insureds, by offering similar benefits you are likely to remain ahead and achieve a degree of customer retention.

Embracing Technology
Insurtech companies often beat out traditional insurance providers on price, which is the result of digitization and the usage of technology. Automation removes much of the costs associated with the process, but it is not the only contributing factor. Tech can become a part of every step in the process, from new tools to use to advanced inspection management systems. By investing more into implementing technology into the services you provide, you reduce your risk of falling into an unattractive category with commercial insurers when Insurtech ultimately focuses on their market. There is a definite benefit to retaining the talking to a “real person” aspect of providing insurance, and it should not be lost in the haze of the future. The commercial insurance market is overflowing with potential that will be capitalized on, lagging behind is no longer an option.

Speed And Convenience
Embracing technology over the time and expense of the standard process means quicker and more efficient insurance purchasing from the customer’s point of view. While it will always be challenging to compete with the near-instant home insurance apps, insurers can work on increasing the speed of delivery of their services. Partnering with a company that can complete commercial inspections thoroughly and with little wait time is one step towards the convenience that insureds expect. Implementation of conditional approvals that only await a commercial inspection for final approval may also be an attractive option that appeals to the consumer’s need for speed without increasing risk to the insurer. Additional steps to expedite the entire process is a beacon to commercial property insureds that feel left behind in the current state of insurance purchasing.

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