Using A Commercial Insurance Inspection To Increase Loyalty

Using A Commercial Insurance Inspection To Increase Loyalty
Providing value to insureds is the only way forward in the bustling property and casualty insurance industry. The near-constant influx of new players and insurtech offerings make an already challenging market that much more competitive.
A commercial inspection performed for insurance purposes is one avenue to establish loyalty and begin the process of building a positive relationship between carriers and their customers. Both initial and ongoing inspections can be seen as beneficial to both parties when approached correctly and with the property owner’s needs in mind.

Communicating The Value Of Insurance Inspection
Few insurance customers enjoy an inspection of their property or the time it takes out of their day to have one performed. Add to this the feeling of uncertainty which comes with evaluation and its understandable that insureds may not realize an inspection helps them as well. While a commercial insurance inspection is useful for determining the profitability of coverage and state of the property itself, it can also bring value to the insured. Hazard and liability identification is one such benefit that is frequently overlooked. Property owners may be unaware of the liabilities present on the property in question and an inspection will make them aware of such risks. The same is true for fire hazards and lax or nonexistent security measures in areas that need them most. Any code violations will be noted and mentioned which is another benefit for an unaware owner. It helps to communicate with insureds the value of an insurance inspection by detailing the advantages it provides, with emphasis on discovering easily missed issues before they can become expensive problems.

Choosing The Right Inspection Provider
For carriers, a poor choice of inspection provider can cause insureds to miss out on the mutually beneficial nature of the commercial inspection. In these situations, property owners may feel more like they are under investigation as opposed to in a positive working relationship with their carrier. Ideally, inspectors should be as warm, friendly, and professional as they are skilled, including the home or business owner as a part of the process and conversation. The ability to explain present risks, suggest improvements, and take the time to understand the insured are all important in helping to establish loyalty to your company or brand. Knowledgeable professionals who can represent the face of your business in a positive way can go a long way towards customer retention and can increase the likelihood of purchasing additional insurance services.

Partnering with an inspection provider that delivers thoroughly detailed commercial inspection reports and exceptional underwriting support doesn’t have to be at the expense of positive customer interaction. Insurance Risk Services sets itself apart by helping to foster a positive relationship between you and your insureds by representing your business in a friendly and professional manner.

With more than 35 years of experience partnering with property and casualty insurance carriers, we know how to provide the underwriting support you need to make informed decisions and maintain profitability. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can increase the value of a commercial inspection to uniquely fit your needs.