Use an Insurance Inspection to Convey Competence to Insurance Clients and Prospects

Use an Insurance Inspection to Convey Competence to Insurance Clients and Prospects
With so many insurance solutions available in the marketplace today, it’s easy for people to feel overwhelmed. However, when it comes down to making a choice, the biggest motivating factor for most insurance prospects is fear of making a mistake.
In order to win business, it’s not enough for insurance carriers to show that they’re skilled and hardworking. In addition to these characteristics, insurance carriers must demonstrate that they’re competent in being able to uncover insurance risks and put forth solutions that are tailored to the customer’s unique needs.

In today’s digital world, many consumers forego the face-to-face interaction that has historically been a part of selecting an insurance partner and instead choose an insurance solution via the internet. The challenge with this is that it’s more difficult for insurance carriers to convey their competence over a digital interface.

Conducting an in-person insurance inspection is one of your best tools to show your competence and expertise to existing clients and prospects. People want their insurance partner to be top of his or her game, and carriers can use an insurance inspection to give insureds the peace of mind that they have the best partner for their needs.

How to Use an Insurance Inspection to Convey Competence
An insurance inspection provides you with the opportunity to establish a relationship with a face-to-face interaction. The information that you share with insureds during an inspection will demonstrate that you are well-versed in your area of expertise and have genuine value to offer.

Here are some ways that carriers can use an insurance inspection to position themselves as competent and the optimal partner for insureds:

Utilize the Latest Inspection Technology to Address Out-of-Reach Areas
While the insurance industry as a whole has been slower to adopt technology, recent advancements in inspection technology allow insurance carriers to be more thorough than ever when inspecting a property. For example, some insurance carriers are now using drones to identify potential problem areas of a property’s roof that may not have been discovered without the use of the technology. Being able to address these issues before they become costly problems can save insureds money and prevent the need for expensive claims.

Insurance carriers can also use an inspection as an opportunity to educate property owners about the value of installing smart technology devices such as learning thermostats and smart security systems. Many property owners aren’t aware of the rebates and insurance premium savings that this technology can provide.

Identify Gaps in Coverage
Instead of relying strictly on data, prudent insurance carriers understand that an in-person insurance inspection can help to make property owners aware of any gaps in coverage. For example, even if a property is not located in a flood zone, it may be wise for property owners to consider flood insurance if there is a creek, river, or other waterway nearby. In 2018, nearly 90 percent of homeowners impacted by Hurricane Florence didn’t have flood insurance because they didn’t think their properties were at risk for flooding. A competent insurance inspector should make property owners aware that just because the property is not located in a FEMA flood zone doesn’t mean that there is no risk that the property will flood.

If you want to use a property inspection as a way to convey your competence and area of expertise, we can help. Our team at Insurance Risk Services has nearly 40 years of experience in partnering with property and casualty insurance carriers to provide in-person property inspections. Contact us to learn how we can help you put your best foot forward with an insurance inspection.