The Value of Partnering with Insurance Inspectors that Represent Your Brand Well

The Value of Partnering with Insurance Inspectors that Represent Your Brand Well
While insurance inspectors play a critical role in the underwriting process, they also often serve as ambassadors for your brand. For over 35 years, we’ve worked hard at Insurance Risk Services to build strong partnerships with insurance carriers in the property and casualty industry. Our success is dependent on maintaining these relationships, which is why we spend a lot of time vetting and training our insurance inspectors.
The benefit of partnering with a professional firm like Insurance Risk Services is that you can feel confident that your brand will be represented well. On occasion, our insurance inspectors will meet the owner of the home or business property that they are inspecting. This is why we make it very clear to our insurance inspectors that they are there on behalf of the insurance carrier–not Insurance Risk Services.

This is why it’s absolutely critical that an insurance carrier carefully selects an experienced and professional partner for field inspections and underwriting support services. By contracting the best insurance inspectors, they’ll not only do a thorough job, but they’ll also make a positive impression to the home or business property owner on behalf of the insurance carrier. As far as the owner of the residential or commercial property is concerned, the insurance inspector is the face of the insurance company.

Insurance carriers that have strong partnerships with their contracted insurance inspectors can also benefit from increased brand awareness among customers. Since it’s not unusual for insurance inspectors to get some face time with the owners of the residential or business properties, they can use this as an opportunity to answer questions or offer useful information. This demonstrates to customers that there is much more to the insurance carrier than just a policy. Instead, this face-to-face interaction can be very powerful in raising brand awareness and fostering loyalty.

Our insurance inspectors at Insurance Risk Services have been providing the most accurate underwriting reports in the business for nearly four decades. We understand that you can’t afford to engage unprofessional or inexperienced insurance inspectors that won’t represent your brand well, especially in front of customers. This is why we heavily vet insurance inspectors before bringing them on board and provide extensive training. This ensures our partners that they will always be putting their best foot forward when choosing to work with Insurance Risk Services.

Please contact us to learn more about how our professional insurance inspectors can best represent your brand when out in the field and provide you with accurate reports that will allow you to make informed underwriting decisions.