The Residential Inspection Strategic Partnership: Five Ways it Reduces Costs

The Residential Inspection Strategic Partnership: Five Ways it Reduces Costs
To many in the insurance industry, the residential inspection has become a catch-22. On one hand, it provides valuable data, which inform the underwriting process. On the other hand, they represent a significant expense in terms of dollars, time and resources. Thankfully, there are companies that specialize in home inspections.
Here’s a look at three ways insurance companies are turning residential inspection into a competitive advantage by entering into a strategic partnership with one of them can reduce your costs.

1. One-Stop Shopping
Convenience is one of the main advantages of a strategic partnership with a company that specializes in performing residential inspections.

You’ll have a one-stop place to shop for services.

No more hiring one vendor for the exterior photos, another for the interior and yet another for the four-point inspection that includes the electrical, heating, plumbing and more. You have one point of contact, one invoice and one trusted partner to which you turn when you need services. This makes your life easier and helps ensure that you get consistent quality and service.

2. Personalized Service
It has been said that familiarity breeds many things, including exceptional customer service. That’s why working with one strategic partner for all of your residential inspection needs is so important. It allows you benefit from something intangible but important: personalized and exceptional customer service.

Over time, your strategic partner becomes an extension of your business operations, part of the team. They probably won’t show up for office holiday parties, but they most certainly will learn and understand your company’s language, values and culture. They’ll also develop the ability to intuitively know what you need before being asked for it.

They go out of their way to make themselves available in the short term because they know you’ll be there in the long term. All of this personalized service works together to make your company more efficient and effective.

3. Consistency
Your underwriters don’t want to deal with a lot of variability, but that’s exactly what they’ll get when you do business with a variety of residential inspection professionals.

Choosing one strategic partner who offers an array of services–from exterior photos to exterior observations to exterior observations and measurements and beyond–helps ensure that your underwriters will get reports that are consistent.

The processes, standards, quality control and reviews will all be the same, regardless of which service you require. Consistency in the data your underwriters receive allows them to make decisions with precision–and you get consistency by working with one strategic partner.

And at the end of the day, the more reliable, accurate and consistent your inspection reports, the better your underwriters. And the better your underwriters, the better your bottom line.

Are You Ready to Start Working with a Strategic Partner?
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