Seasonal Insurance Risks that Increase in the Fall and Early Winter

Seasonal Insurance Risks that Increase in the Fall and Early Winter
As the seasons change, so do the risks for insurance carriers and commercial property owners. While many people look forward to the spectacular fall foliage and dip in temperatures, it’s important to realize that the transition to the cooler weather seasons brings a unique set of risks that result in an uptick of claims. Offering a seasonal commercial inspection will provide you with the ideal opportunity to discuss these risks with property owners as well as strengthen relationships.
Here are some of the most common commercial insurance claims during the fall and early winter:

1. Animal Collisions
While not directly related to the commercial property, it’s important to discuss auto insurance with commercial clients, especially if they have employees that drive company vehicles. Research shows that the majority of wildlife collisions take place between October and December, especially when drivers are on the road at dawn or dusk. Hitting a large animal can be just as damaging to the vehicle and passengers as colliding with another car. Make sure that the commercial client talks to employees about the importance of wearing a seatbelt while driving and to proceed with caution.

2. Snow and Ice
The two primary causes of damage to commercial property during the fall and winter months are snow and ice. These two weather ailments can lead to considerable damage, such as roof damage due to a high accumulation of snow and frozen pipes that burst. By offering a commercial inspection now, you can help insureds prepare for the cooler weather months when snow and ice is will be most common. Evaluating the condition of the building’s roof and ensuring that the property is well-insulated can help to prevent costly claims for occurring.

3. Property Theft
With the holiday season rapidly approaching, some businesses will choose to close for the day or longer to allow employees to spend time with loved ones. Malicious criminals are well aware that many properties will be left unattended during this time of the year, which is why theft is at a heightened risk. According to research, the risk of property theft increases by 25 percent during the last quarter of the year. Talk to insureds about installing smart technology such as motion sensors, cameras, and security programs that can be monitored remotely to reduce the risk of a break-in.

4. Fire and Smoke
Candles during the fall and winter months have grown in popularity, even in the workplace. As a best practice, the use of candles should not be permitted in a commercial building as they are often the biggest culprits for fires.

In today’s competitive environment, offering a seasonal commercial inspection to insureds is a way to help your business stand out, add value, and strengthen relationships.

Our team at Insurance Risk Services has been partnering with property and casualty insurance carriers for nearly 40 years to provide them with accurate underwriting support. One of the ways that we can add a lot of value is through a thorough, in-person commercial inspection.

Please contact us at Insurance Risk Services to earn how we can help you to mitigate risk with a commercial inspection.

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