Our Residential Inspection Options And What To Expect

Our Residential Inspection Options And What To Expect
Home inspections all across this country every single day, and no one is more invested in the results of those inspections than insurers. At Insurance Risk Services, we are in the business of inspecting homes in order to help insurance companies mitigate their own financial risk. When we are approached to provide an insurance inspection our clients select from one of four options.
Below is a rundown of each option and how they can help insurance underwriters make wise investments.

Exterior Photo Report
The base level of our residential inspection is called Exterior Photo. During an inspection of this kind, the inspector will take a high-quality photo of the following: anything that verifies the physical address of the home, images of the home from all sides, a photo of the rooftop taken from the ground using camera pole, and any other buildings on the property. While basic, exterior and roof shots can tell a great deal about the state of any structure. Each of the following inspections will also contain and build upon these data points.

Exterior Observation Report
In addition to the points mentioned above, during the observation, the inspector verifies the occupancy of the residence, its location and how close it is to any bodies of water which pose risk to the structure. He or she also takes note of the overall visible condition of the home including the roof, type of construction, and whether any other hazards can be seen. This far more thorough inspection begins to paint a clearer picture for the insurance company.

Exterior Observation And Measurement Report
In selecting this next report you’ll again have access to all of the data points listed above as well as some additional. Specifically, this report includes a diagram of the residence and an estimate of how much it would cost to replace the structure. This information is critical for an insurer to determine if the property in question is a good investment.

High-Value Interior Inspection
This final residential inspection is the most thorough and the only one on the list that includes any interior inspection. During this process, the inspector takes photos of the inside and outside of the home as well as detailed notes regarding the condition of the interior and exterior of the home. Again, a diagram of the residence is provided as well as an estimate of replacement costs. Finally, this inspection includes an inspection of the utilities including electrical, heating, and plumbing.

It’s difficult for insurance companies to make informed underwriting decisions without having invested in a high-quality residential inspection. At Insurance Risk Services we believe strongly in customer service and giving each of our clients our personal attention. If you’re interested in working with a team you can trust, contact us today.