Inspection Technology That Is Changing The Real Estate Business

Inspection Technology That Is Changing The Real Estate Business
The real estate market has been strong for several years, and all indications point to continued strength in 2020. And with an increase in home sales comes an increase in home inspections. Fortunately, advancements in inspection technology have improved results and streamlined processes to the benefit of all parties. These technologies increase inspector safety, improve client reporting, and help buyers and sellers proceed through a home sale confidently. Consider the following technologies and how they improve the home inspection industry.
For generations, home inspectors have had to scale ladders to get a good visual of a home’s roof. These days the industry has evolved to use drones for this specific part of a home inspection and the benefit is great. Most obviously, the use of this inspection technology makes roof inspections safer for the professional. In the United States, 20% of fall injuries involve ladders, and technology can significantly decrease that risk. Additionally, the usage of drones prevents the risk of damage to the roof and provides a video recording to support the home inspection report.

Advanced Technology
Homeowners often believe that the best home inspectors can see through walls. With advanced inspection technology like thermal imaging, temperature sensors, and humidity gauges, they can. Thanks to these investments homebuyers don’t have to depend on their inspectors’ instincts when making the biggest investment of their lives. Plus, inspectors can quickly and easily see the damage that isn’t yet visible to the human eye. The result is consistent and effective home inspections.

Software And Reporting
Finally, inspection software programs have streamlined the inspection process ensuring that each inspector follows the same inspection template so that all inspections hit the same points. This reduces the incidence of mistakes and ensures that all homebuyers get the information they need to make an informed decision. Reporting tools also create inspection results that are easy for homeowners to read and understand.

The goal of inspection technology is to streamline the inspection process for professionals while providing a better product for their clients. Homebuyers and sellers depend upon accurate home inspection results so that they can confidently move forward through the home purchase process. At IRS we make it our mission to provide the best home inspection services so that our clients can move with confidence. For more information about our services, or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.