Inspection Technology Across The Industry

Inspection Technology Across The Industry
The various tech used in modern residential and commercial inspections has made delivering thorough inspection reports easier than ever. Most of the advances over the past few years have centered around improving efficiency, accuracy, and safety. With the variety of tools available to property inspectors today, the process can be barely recognizable to the former 4-hour pen and paper visits of old. Explore a number of improvements made to the inspection process with our short guide.
App-Based Inspection Technology
The usage of tablets and mobile phones during the inspection process is easily the most widely used of basic tech. With little to no expense, efficiency is drastically improved, particularly for large and complicated properties. As such the number of internet, app, and tablet-based inspection software programs has skyrocketed making the process easier than ever. Some of the advantages include:

  • Quickly capture necessary photos and videos
  • Customizable inspection checklists
  • Craft diagrams, add notes and annotate photos
  • Accurately record dimensions
  • Pen and Paperless inspection report completion
  • Easy transfer to clients

Aerial Drone Usage
Drone use for residential and commercial inspections has been a complementary feature that some inspection providers cannot live without. One of the biggest selling points of utilizing a drone is the increased safety for roof inspections. Roof inspections have always been somewhat risky, particularly when heavily damaged or poorly maintained. Drones also provide a bird’s eye view and accurate dimensions when needed. For quick external inspections, drones can perform the job without bothering the property owner or requiring their presence at the appointment time. Finally, the ability for drones to be equipped with advanced tech such as thermal imaging provides benefits that the human eye simply cannot compete with. The few downsides with drone use are the skill required, the associated laws and licensing needed in some areas, and liability concerns.

Other Features
Aerial drones aren’t the only piece of remote-controlled inspection technology that has proven useful to property inspectors. Ground-based drones are also showing up, albeit to a smaller degree within the industry. The ability to access crawl spaces and other hard to reach areas has been its main selling point, along with all the usual benefits of being equipped with advanced imaging tech. Leak detection and smartphone devices capable of thermographic imaging are among other rarely seen features where upfront cost seems to be the primary roadblock to widespread usage. Inspection technology is becoming better, more efficient, and more accessible every year. Industrial level inspection tech is gradually making its way into the hands of commercial and residential property inspections slowly but surely, magnifying capabilities and overall accuracy.

Insurance underwriters depend on accurate inspection reports as an important piece of the decision-making puzzle. Today’s inspection technology places accuracy and efficiency at the forefront, as time is of the essence in our fast-paced world. Insurance Risk Services utilizes the most advanced inspection management systems in order to provide you with the high-quality inspection reports you need to make profitable and informed underwriting decisions. Contact us today to see how we use inspection technology to deliver the most precise inspection reports to our clients.