How Residential Inspection Can Deliver A Competitive Advantage

How Residential Inspection Can Deliver A Competitive Advantage
Building a relationship between property and casualty insurance carriers and customers can be difficult in the current day and age. Yet, these fleeting relationships are necessary for any customer retention strategy. In a time when many companies and service providers stay in touch with their consumer base via phone apps, relationships easily degrade without relevant contact.
The key will always be to provide value or valuable information to the customer on a regular basis. The benefits of taking this additional step are increased loyalty from homeowners who no longer feel their insurance character is a relatively unknown entity in all but a time of need and claim filing.

The Value Of Customized Information
Relevant information can provide value to insureds and, depending on the topic, can help to reduce overall claims. For example, many insurance carrier blogs will doubtlessly have a post or two regarding hurricane damage prevention or the like. The likelihood of the majority of insureds reading the post is slim. However, an app, email, or snail mail reminder broadly personalized to their current home state brings relevant information front and center. Drawing attention to safeguards that may bring the customer a discount if installed is beneficial to both parties. Necessary information is obtainable via residential inspection, which carries its own benefits.

Why Residential Inspection Matters
A residential inspection provides the information you need to ensure a smooth, thorough underwriting process. Additionally, it gives a more personal touch to the customer and puts a face on an otherwise faceless entity. You will be able to obtain correct and updated customer and home information while providing customer service far superior to that of the competition.

This information can then be utilized to increase value and loyalty as mentioned previously. With competition at its highest, standing out amongst the crowd and offering a personalized approach based on home inspection results can have a positive effect on customer retention.

Putting Your Advantage To Work For You
Updated information obtained during an in-person inspection opens up a whole new world of customer connection. Propose relevant discounts, entice customers into using your company mobile app, and have confidence that important aspects of a home’s vulnerability and structure have been brought to the customer’s attention. Summertime and wintertime reminders about shutting off water and electronic devices before going off on vacation no longer risk heading into an old phone number or forgotten email. What appear to be small reminders, can help prevent disasters amongst the most expensive causes of property damage. Information is your greatest tool when engaging with insureds. Discovering ways to utilize this information to your benefit is what will keep you a step ahead of the competition.

Insurance Risk Services has been partnering with insurance carriers to provide property inspections for over 35 years. During any property inspection, we are representing your company with professionalism and grace; helping you build and retain relationships one customer at a time. Contact our team today to learn how we can help you ensure accurate underwriting and a competitive advantage.