How Property Inspections Provide Transparency and Strengthen Relationships With Insureds

How Property Inspections Provide Transparency and Strengthen Relationships With Insureds
In today’s world, technology touches just about every aspect of our lives, and the property and casualty insurance industry is no exception.

We’ve talked about how drones are being used in property inspections to fit where insurance adjusters can’t. And, for many customers, an insurance carrier’s website is often the first (and sometimes the only) interaction that a customer will have with a property and casualty insurance provider.

With so much technology finding its way into the property and casualty insurance industry these days, carriers risk losing the personal touch that has historically been a critical part of the way they have done business. In a world surrounded by e-commerce, there’s something to be said for businesses that still embrace good old-fashioned human contact. This is particularly true for the insurance industry, where face-to-face interaction provides transparency and helps customers to feel more comfortable and confident in their relationship with their insurance company.

Property inspections provide you with the perfect opportunity to show face with your customers. Not only will thorough property inspections allow you to more accurately underwrite risk, but they can be a relationship strengthening tool for the insurance carrier and the customer as well. Having a property inspector representing the insurance carrier physically onsite at a property will demonstrate to customers that they are doing business with a person rather than just a faceless company name.

For over 35 years, we’ve been partnering with insurance carriers in the property and casualty industry to provide them with underwriting support so they can accurately determine which risks are worth taking. Property inspections are a key way that we can help underwriters make more informed decisions, and we approach our relationship with insurance carriers as a partnership. This means that when one of our property inspectors is on the job for one of our insurance carriers, that property inspector is representing the insurance carrier. As far as the customer is concerned, the property inspector is the face of the insurance carrier.

Because of this, we go through a careful vetting process with our team of field inspectors to ensure that your insurance company is always represented in a professional way. After all, it’s our job to not only help you to put your best foot forward when underwriting risk, but also to represent your company in the best way possible in front of your customers.

To learn more about how property inspections can help to provide transparency and help your customers feel more comfortable and confident in their relationship with your company, please contact us at Insurance Risk Services.