How Mobile Apps Can Improve Property Inspection Accuracy

How Mobile Apps Can Improve Property Inspection Accuracy
Technology is changing the way that business is conducted today, and this is no different with property and casualty insurance carriers. While the insurance industry has been slower to incorporate technology into business operations, we’ve seen drones become part of the property inspection process and a flood of technology-heavy insurtech companies enter the marketplace.
How Mobile Apps Are Being Used to Enhance the Property Inspection Process
Another way that insurance carriers are benefiting from the use of technology is through custom mobile apps that enhance the way that property inspections are conducted. A mobile app should not replace the need for in-person property inspections. Instead, the app should be used to increase accuracy and streamline workflows.

Insurance carriers are using mobile apps during the property inspection process to accomplish the following:

  • Collect photos
  • Make notes
  • Share diagrams
  • Offer dimensions
  • Provide field sketching
  • Record video and audio clips
  • Complete all inspection reports

Being able to use one tool to gather all of this information speeds up the property inspection process and allows insurance carriers to get back to their customers faster. Ultimately, this improves the customer service experience and strengthens relationship.

How Insurance Risk Services is Using Technology to Provide Accurate Underwriting Support
Many insurance carriers are choosing to outsource property inspections to firms such as ours, Insurance Risk Services. We’ve been providing high-quality underwriting support to property and casualty insurance carriers for more than 35 years in the form of commercial and residential inspections.

From our perspective, use of a mobile app to complete property inspections increases the accuracy of our reports and allows us to get back to our insurance carrier clients quickly. We understand that timing is just as important as accuracy these days to be competitive, and our use of technology in property inspections allows us to offer rapid response times.

Technology also helps us to better communicate with our insurance carrier clients and make them aware of the status of inspections. We strive to give each client our personal attention so that we can provide all of the information needed to make an informed underwriting decision.

Are you currently using a mobile app to enhance your property inspections? Or, if you outsource property inspections, is your underwriting partner taking advantage of this technology?

Contact us at Insurance Risk Services to learn more about how we’re using technology to create the most accurate underwriting reports in the industry and provide rapid response times to our clients.