How Insurance Carriers Can Make Their Customer Service Truly Stand Out

How Insurance Carriers Can Make Their Customer Service Truly Stand Out
Insurance carriers face an increasingly competitive landscape. As technology advances, insurance carriers are finding new ways to enhance the customer experience, such as offering mobile apps that streamline the process of requesting insurance quotes and filing claims. If you’re not making customer service a priority in 2019, you can expect to be left behind.
Survey Reveals Insurance Carriers Need to Step Up Their Customer Service Game
According to a recent survey, two-thirds of insurance carriers feel that they offer “great service.” However, insureds beg to differ. Some areas where customer satisfaction is lacking include limited interactions with insurance carriers and response times.

When it comes to developing an effective customer service strategy, you must ask yourself what you’re doing to make your insureds feel valued. Even if you think that you already excel with customer service, every strategy could use improvement.

Use a Property Inspection to Enhance Your Customer Service Strategy
Our team at Insurance Risk Services can help to compliment your customer service strategy. We’ve been partnering with property and casualty insurance carriers for nearly 40 years to provide them with thorough, in-person commercial and residential property inspections. When conducting property inspections, we represent our client and make it a priority to put our best foot forward to leave a positive, lasting impression of your business with insureds.

Here are several ways that you can use a property inspection from Insurance Risk Services to amplify your customer service strategy:

1. Educate Property Owners
A 2018 survey revealed that almost half of homeowners don’t have a full understanding of the liability insurance coverage that they have in place. We often have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with the property owner when conducting an insurance inspection, and we make a point to ensure that the property owner understands what his or her current insurance coverage entails.

We also make property owners aware of ways that they can mitigate risk around the property. For example, installing a smart security system can decrease the risk of theft and save the property owner money on insurance premiums.

2. Identify Additional Opportunities
When educating property owners about their current level of coverage, insurance carriers may uncover additional opportunities to serve insureds. Proactively identifying gaps in coverage and offering insurance solutions to address those shortcomings will help to build goodwill and strengthen relationships with insureds.

3. Discuss Preventative Maintenance
When conducting an in-person property inspection, we make a point to walk the property and point out any risks that have the potential to result in the need to file an insurance claim in the future. Some areas that we may point out to property owners include tree limbs that are near or protruding over the roofline, clogged gutters, and wood rot.

All in all, while speed and technology matter to insureds, the level of customer service that you provide typically matters the most and will allow you to stand apart from the competition.

Contact us at Insurance Risk Services to learn more about how you can use an insurance inspection to enhance your customer service strategy.