How a Mobile App Can Help Conduct More Thorough Property Inspections

How a Mobile App Can Help Conduct More Thorough Property Inspections
There’s a lot of buzz about how advancements in inspection technology can allow property and casualty insurance carriers to more accurately underwrite risk. With a downward profitability trend, insurance carriers are under pressure to protect margins. Making a property inspection part of the underwriting process can help insurance carriers best determine which risks are worth taking.
How a Mobile App Simplifies Property Inspections and Increases Accuracy
The process of conducting a property inspection can be downright stressful with so many components to take into account. One of the most advantageous advancements in inspection technology is the development of mobile apps that property inspectors can use to conduct inspections. Utilizing an app eliminates the need for a traditional clipboard and camera to complete a property inspection and instead combines these elements into a digital format via a mobile app.

A number of mobile apps have recently come to the market to help insurance carriers conduct property inspections, such as Spex. These apps allow inspectors to use their mobile devices to capture images, take notes, document dimensions, complete field sketching, make video and audio entries, discuss scope of work, complete property inspection reports, and much more.

Property inspectors are notorious for using their own methods for conducting property inspections, which can lead to some inconsistencies. Using a mobile app eliminates this risk as it requires inspectors to follow a specific format.

Using an app as inspection technology eliminates the need for paperwork, which saves inspectors the hassle of keeping track of documents. Going digital with property inspections also ensures that insurance carriers receive all of the information documented in a property inspection report. The app makes it easy to send insurance carriers property inspection reports, which helps to speed up the underwriting process.

How Insurance Risk Services Utilizes the Latest Technology to Deliver Accurate Underwriting Reports
Our team of seasoned professionals at Insurance Risk Services has been partnering with insurance carriers in the property and casualty insurance industry for more than 35 years to providing them with underwriting support. In an effort to deliver the most accurate reports in the industry, our property inspectors utilize the latest technology to ensure that all details are captured. As a result, we’re able to deliver thorough underwriting reports with a rapid turnaround time.

Are you interested in learning more about how we’re utilizing the latest inspection technology to better serve our clients? Contact us at Insurance Risk Services to hear how we help our insurance carrier partners best determine which risks are worth taking.

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