Common Roof Issues Revealed in a Commercial Inspection

Common Roof Issues Revealed in a Commercial Inspection
The roof is the most vulnerable part of a commercial building as it serves as the first defense against rain, wind, hail, ice, and snow. When underwriting risk, it’s essential that insurance carriers carefully evaluate the condition of a property’s roof during the commercial inspection process.
What are some of the most common signs of roof issues?
For insureds, one of the advantages of having a thorough commercial inspection performed is that they’ll be made aware of any issues with the property, particularly with the roof. From the insurance carrier’s perspective, a commercial inspection provides the opportunity for insureds to correct issues before they become a problem, helping to minimize risk. Being proactive and addressing any issues with the roof can help prevent the need to file sizable claims.

A commercial inspection can reveal the following common signs of roof issues:

  • Water stains on the ceiling inside the building
  • Unexplained mold or odors inside the building
  • Prolonged standing water on the roof
  • Bubbling of the roof
  • Gaps in roof flashing
  • Tears in the roof cover
  • Worn and/or cracking roof seems

Some commercial buildings have other features on the roof, such as a lightning protection system or skylights, can present additional risks. A commercial inspector will determine if the lightning protection system is securely attached to the roof and if the skylights are well-sealed and secured along the frame’s edge.

What should property owners do if roof damage is revealed in the commercial inspection?
A roof is one of the most significant investments that a commercial property owner will make. Therefore, to prolong the useful life of the roof, it’s imperative that the property owner proactively maintains the building’s roof.

As a best practice, commercial building owners should have the roof inspected twice a year (every fall and spring) to identify and correct issues before they become a serious problem. In the event of a major storm, it’s in the property owner’s best interest to have a professional inspect the roof for damage and areas that have become weakened enough to cause future damage.

Why choose a seasoned professional to complete property inspections?
Conducting thorough, in-person property inspections of commercial buildings will help insurance carriers to minimize risk and add a lot of value to property owners that want to proactively maintain their buildings.

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