Advancing Technologies Saving Time and Money on Property Inspections

Advancing Technologies Saving Time and Money on Property Inspections
In an effort to continually help our property insurance partners make the most reliable, informed decisions regarding the underwriting process, Insurance Risk Services regularly reviews, tests and implements the latest available property inspection technology to remain on the leading edge of the technology curve. This inspection technology includes a number of digital devices unheard of in the property inspection business not so long ago, including:
  • Mobile inspection technology utilizing the Internet, smart phones, laptop and tablet computers and specialized mobile inspection software.
  • Drone technology, coupled with high resolution cameras, enable property inspectors to view areas that might otherwise be difficult or nearly impossible to access. This includes severely sloped roofs, especially during inclement weather when physically climbing out onto a roof is both difficult and dangerous. This inspection technology is also useful for inspecting components located on the outside of high-rise buildings.
  • Thermal imagery, which allows inspectors to look for potential electrical hot spots in walls and panels, can help pinpoint risks that might otherwise go unnoticed. Infrared cameras coupled with drones are useful for evaluating air infiltration and exfiltration of a building to help learn how to better seal up a structure. This is possible for buildings that were heretofore difficult to access for this purpose. This technology is also useful for identifying moisture intrusion into walls and under roof areas.

Quicker, Easier Inspections
While the basic process of completing property inspections for insurance company use hasn’t changed much in recent years, trained inspectors have been able to use the latest inspection technology advancements to make their jobs easier, more efficient and with more comprehensive findings. Having a smartphone or computer tablet on the job enables live streaming of images of a property that can be sent straight to an awaiting underwriter. This allows the underwriter to basically “ride along” on an inspection and quickly get information needed for use in the underwriting process.

More About Drones
The drone (UVA or unmanned aerial vehicle) has lately come into its own, being used not only in the property inspection business, but in industry, agriculture, archeology, the military, security and even as children’s toys. Insurance companies have also been known to use drones during certain claims investigations, but a primary value comes from the time and effort saved by insurance company property inspections being conducted for underwriting purposes.

In addition to the uses described above, e.g. rooftop and building exterior inspections, drones serve several other purposes for property inspection companies such as Insurance Risk Services. If an exterior inspection is being done and the property owner or manager is not available, locked gates needn’t hold the inspector out. Back yards of residences, which may hold swimming pools, trampolines or tree houses, may still be viewed with the use of a drone fitted with a camera.

Large properties may also be viewed in detail without necessarily having to walk the entire area when a drone with a camera is used. Inspectors can also get a good idea of the larger area surrounding the property being inspected, including nearby waterways that may pose a flooding risk. Another similar inspection technology involves images sent to earth by way of orbiting satellites. This method of viewing a property can give a true wide-angle view of a large area adjacent to a property being inspected.

Fast, complete and accurate property inspections are the cornerstone of the field work provided by Insurance Risk Services, where advanced inspection technology is utilized to provide clients with the highest quality residential and commercial inspection services. Contact Insurance Risk Services here to find out more.

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