A Human Touch for Insurance Inspection in a Technology World

A Human Touch for Insurance Inspection in a Technology World
Technological advances have helped reshape the world over the last century. This is true for workplace dynamics, interpersonal communication, and travel. The technology involved in insurance inspection, too, has developed significantly in recent years. Even in a world of gadgets and emerging artificial intelligence, though, people still drive it all. It is the marriage of the right people and the right technology that determines the value of the inspection process.
The People Who Make It Possible
Technology does not fall from artificial rainclouds. Developers create them for specific uses. When you look at hardware and software available, how they were created matters. Enough insurance-specific applications exist on the market that you should have no trouble finding the right tools, developed by people who understand why you need them. A general artificial intelligence tool or an all-purpose drone can be impressive. A design and software package that focuses on insurance needs, though, does much more to ensure it will meet your inspection needs. Look to work with an insurance inspection team that understands this, and uses the right technology for the right job.

The People Who Use Technology
Technology only helps when you know how to use it. It can be easy to get excited about using drones, spectral analysis, digital learning, and a litany of other tools designed to make insurance inspection easier and cheaper. Before they can help, though, you need to know that the people applying the technology to your inspection needs have a deep understanding of not only how to use technology, but how it applies to and helps the inspection process. You should be able to sit with the team providing inspection services for your company and know the inspection will provide all of the information and details you need to make a proper valuation and assessment. The inspection team makes the difference between technology providing cool toys and effective tools.

The People You Serve
Ultimately, an insurance inspection needs to serve the needs of both the insurance company and its insureds. You should therefore think of insurance technology not as the driving force in an inspection or appraisal, but rather as means by which the inspection team ultimately meets customer needs. Drones examine a roof not to show off an ability, but to identify potential structural issues that impact the assessment being made. You should assess any technology available in terms of what it contributes to the needs at issue.

At IRS, we do not invest in or use technology for its own sake. We use our deep experience and expertise to help your insurance company achieve its goals through effective inspections. For more information about how we can help you, contact us today.