3 Advancements In Inspection Technology That Benefit The Client

3 Advancements In Inspection Technology That Benefit The Client
Whether you’re purchasing a new property or updating your homeowner’s insurance, most property owners will find themselves in need of a property inspection a couple of times in their lifetimes. If it’s been a while for you, you may be surprised at the way new advances in technology has modernized and standardized the inspection process.
Home inspections should serve the client, and provide them with all the data they need in a manner they can easily understand. Here are some of the many ways in which inspection technology has revolutionized our business.

1. Thermography
Even the best property inspectors can’t see through walls. But that’s exactly what technology allows them to do now. Thermography is a type of infrared radiation that allows property inspectors to visibly see variations in temperature. What does this mean for your future home? With this technology, an inspector can see the places where conditioned air is leaking from ducts, electrical outlets are emitting too much heat, and even moisture intrusion. In some cases, small leaks behind the walls can go unnoticed until its too late, in this case, thermal imaging could save a buyer lots of time and money.

2. Digital Images
Photographic evidence is an important element of any property inspection. When a client receives an inspection report full of confusing terminology, chances are they won’t quite know how to parse through it. But, when that report is paired with detailed photos it helps the client absorb all of the details more easily. And these days, the cameras on our cell phones are better than anything a family would have owned even a decade ago. You may be surprised to hear us consider digital photography a type of inspection technology, but it is a key element to providing clients an excellent end product that is easy to absorb.

3. Electronic Reporting
Once an inspection is complete, how do you get your hands on it? And where do you store it? Electronic reporting allows inspectors to transmit property inspections to buyers, sellers, insurers, and bankers all over the world. Much of the public is accustomed to receiving digital documents, and there’s no reason the inspection industry can’t join the crowd.

There are many reasons a person might need to have a property inspected, and over the years inspection technology has made it possible for the process to evolve in a way that better serves our clients. If you’re looking for a property inspection, residential or commercial, give us a call today.